November V&A Summer Sessions

The free V&A Mercedes Benz Summer Sessions at the Amphitheatre in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront are due to start during November.
On Sunday, 2 November the V&A will rock with a bumper evening of free live music. Between 6pm and 7pm the electro-swing dance band GoodLuck will get the crowd dancing with jazzy melodies such as Hop On Hop Off, Harlem and Taking It Easy. The show coincides with the official welcome of the Volvo Ocean Race team so, after the show head down to the Volvo Ocean Race Village in front of Quay 6 for further free live performances until 9pm.


For high-energy dance beats it doesn’t get better than Tucan Tucan, performing on Saturday, 8 November between 6pm and 7pm. Argentinian vocalist and pianist Muriel Marco brings Latin American flair and beat to the African rhythm of Mozambican vocalist and drummer Frank Paco and South African guitarist Angelo Syster, tenor, soprano, saxophonist and flutist Buddy Wells, vocalists Lana Crowster and Lee-Ann Fortuin, and bass guitarist Andre Webb.

Songstress Natasha Meister will wow the crowdson Sunday, 16 November between 6pm and 7pm. The Canada-born, award-winning singer and songwriter has built up a loyal fan base, becoming the only woman in Africa to be endorsed by both American Fender and German Lakewood guitar makers. Although she hails from a ‘blues-country-soul’ background, Meister’s newly launched EP ‘What Goes Around’ takes a new pop-rock direction. She lists the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Paramore as having a significant influence in her decision to switch from blues to rock, which she sees as just a heavier and edgier version of the blues.

Mini Folk Fest

You can get into the summer groove on Sunday, 30 November with the Mercedes Benz V&A Mini Folk Fest as an extension of the Summer Sessions. From 2.30pm through to 7.30pm visitors will be entertained with non-stop free live music at the V&A Amphitheatre.

First up between 2.30pm and 3pm is Roxy, bringing fresh young talent to the Amphitheatre. At 16 she is already a YouTube sensation and has even had her song played on local radio. Roxy will be followed by Jono Grayson between 3.10pm and 3.30pm. The 21-year-old singer and songwriter hails from Pietermaritzburg and recently relocated to Cape Town to pursue his musical career. The talented young musician currently has four singles playlisted on popular local radio stations and is currently working on an album with Neil Breytenbach of Prime Circle.

Between 3.40pm and 4pm, folk musician Jennifer Eaves takes to the stage. With a degree in music from UCT majoring in voice and piano, she has quietly built a solid reputation for crafting meaningful folk songs with strong messages. Eaves is also a skilled guitarist and pianist with a souring vocal range.

Next on the bill between 4.10pm and 4.30pm it’s Fruit Vendor. This melodic, alternative hip-hop folk artist from Stellenbosch is as fresh and unusual as his name. The audience can expect catchy sing-along songs, penetrating lyrics and rap vocals. Fruit Vendor has played at many major local music festivals and has shared a stage with the likes of Die Antwoord, Prime Circle, Karen Zoid, aKing and many more.


Rounding off the afternoon between 4.45pm and 5.15pm it’s the turn of Hatchetman, a dynamic trio consisting of Jono Tait, Matt and Nick Catto. The trio conjures ‘otherworldly’ harmonies. With no lead vocalist, the trio sing in seamless harmonies that have been described as being reminiscent of Crosby, Stills and Nash. The band points to Neil Young, CSN, The Beatles, Sting and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as being an influence on their music.

Mark Fransman will take the audience into the early evening between 5.30pm and 6pm. The multi-award-winning artist has performed at festivals such as the Euro De Afrique Festival in Italy and at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, Holland. Locally, he has performed at the Jazz Festival five times as the leader of his own band Strait and Narrow. This accomplished musician has performed with names such as Jimmy Dludlu, Zim Nqwana, Musa Manzini, Gloria Bosman, Marcus Wyatt and Errol Dyers to name a few. He will perform music from his newly released folk/rock album ‘Sounds of Life’.

The penultimate show of the evening will be the David Meulen Trio between 6.15pm and 6.45pm. Singer and songwriter David Meulen started his music career fronting for alternative rock band Dividable Grand. The band received extensive airplay for their album ‘The Buzz’, and performed alongside many top South African artists such as Prime Circle, aKing and Taxi Violence. Meulen has now embarked on a solo career and his debut album entitled ‘@davidmeulen’ was released in April 2014.

Rounding off the Mini Folk Fest will be TouchWood between 7pm and 7.30pm. One of Cape Town’s fresh new sounds, the band’s gypsy-folk music is produced by guitar, ukulele, violin, cello, African marimba, vocal harmonies and drums. Their musical influences include old folk musicians such as Neil Young and Janis Joplin, combined with new contemporary sounds to add a fresh, upbeat experience to their music. They recently released their first EP entitled ‘Land in the Sun, and have just returned from their first, successful European tour.

Spicy Chilli And Curry Recipes – And Grandma’s Golden Rule ….

At the end of a good night’s splosh-up with the boys down at the local, we always seem to end up with a debate on the subject of what and where we’re going to eat. You guessed it, it’s always a toss-up between a spicy hot curry; a greasy Chinese or a burning hot Mexican dish. As you might suspect, this article is all about Spicy Chilli Curry Recipes. In it, I will include a few great tips and a wickedly mouth-watering chilli dish. As you are probably aware of, there are a great many wonderful curry recipes to choose from, and like my friends and I, we all have our favourites – ours being: · Pork Vindaloo · Chicken Tikka Masala · Chicken Tikka Biryani · Lamb Bhuna The list is endless! Then there’s the Chinese recipes and again we’re spoilt for choice, but here’s some of our favourites once again: · Peking Duck · Special Fried Rice · Chow Mein dishes · Sweet and Sour dishes · Starters such as: Spare Ribs, Prawn Balls and Pancake Rolls And finally for us, there’s the Mexican chilli recipes, that seem to be getting more and more popular: · Chilli Con Carne · Fried Chilli Chicken · Jalapeno Pork Express · Black Bean Chilli with oranges. Here is one of our favourite Spicy Chilli recipes: (Hope you like it!) FRIED CHILLI CHICKEN Ingredients: 200g/7oz mange tout 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 6 spring onions 2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 red peppers 5cm/2in piece of ginger peeled and chopped 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed 2 tsp corn flour 2 tbsp dark soy sauce Salt and black pepper Method Slice chicken breasts. Slice mange tout lengthways into strips. Trim spring onions and cut into pieces. De-seed pepper and cut into strips. Heat the oil in wok or suitable frying pan. Add garlic and ginger and stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add chicken strips and stir-fry for a further 3 minutes. Add mange tout, red pepper and spring onions and stir-fry for another 3 minutes. Mix the corn flour, soy sauce together with 2 tablespoons of cold water to form a smooth paste. Pour in the chicken and vegetables and stir – fry for 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve. Tip: Add more chillies if you like it hot! Serves 4 ______________________________________ Here are a few useful tips: · Always keep the kids out of the kitchen whilst cooking – I know it’s an obvious one, but it’s so easy to have an accident when they are running around! · When cooking with chillies, it can be very useful to coat/ rub in your hands, a teaspoon full of ordinary cooking oil so as to form a barrier. When you’ve finished handling the chillies, simply wash off with soapy water. Believe me when I tell you, that in the pats it hasn’t just been my eyes that I’ve accidentally touched, I once made the mistake of going to the loo – that was an experience to remember, I can tell you! · Grandma’s Golden Rule: Always wash your hands before cooking or touching food. She would say, ”soap and water don’t cost much and it ain’t painful either!” There are a great many exciting exotic dishes that can be prepared and cooked quite easily and quickly – but most importantly, can be given a new lease of life by just adding a few chillies and spices. Bon appetite! Published at:

Lake Success Catering IBFOODS Catering on Long Island Since 1927

Long Island Quality Catering Iavarone Bros – featuring delicious necessities and indulgences. Catering of our quality food is professionally designed to your needs. Stop worrying, we do it for you, it’s our job. We’ll give you over 100 homemade entrèes to choose from… All prepared from same high quality products that can be found in our retail stores. We will also gladly cook to your dietary specifications. All meats are USDA prime and from our own butcher shops, expertly prepared by our master chef. All pasta products, as well, maintain this high degree of quality and are made in our own Villa di Pasta™. North Shore Long Island Italian Food IBFOODS Gourmet Food On Long Island Since 1927 ************************************************ Italian food has turned into one of the favourites in the family. Many of us have, regretfully, not inspired the possibility of making an Italian cuisine part of our family menu because it is viewed that Italian recipes are too complicated. But it doesn’t need much study to make great Italian gourmand food at home. Some of the ingredients that Italian cuisines are famous for are : meats, cheese and grains that are used as a combination in the creation or making of these distinguished flavors that are respected and accepted all around the planet. Enterprise to find out about these ingredients and how they’re used and in what measurements. The origins of Italian gourmand flavours, foods, and traditions are rooted in simplicity and natural availability. Italian cooks have always employed the plants that grew where they lived and the animal products from the animals that thrived where they lived. Food has been – and still is – made by hand from local ingredients that are in season. These days in the land of pre-processed foods that are available year-round, that may be considered’gourmet’. Actually, it is just the genuine Italian way. If there’s a person in your life that is a fan of Italy and pines for a little taste of traditional Italian flavors in an Italian meal, there are methods to impress even if you haven’t set foot in Italy yourself. The first consideration to please your fan of Italian cuisine is to determine what part of Italy they like best. In the north, corn and rice are way more plentiful than wheat. Therefore , they are likely to use polenta or Arborio rice ( risotto ) than pasta in their meals. Meat is more abundant in the regions in the center of Italy,eg Tuscany and Umbria. Garlic is employed more in the foods from the regions of central and southern Italy ( such as Rome and Naples ) than in the north. Seafood is utilized primarily in the cuisines of seaside ( and lakeside ) cities, for example Venice, Como, Rimini, Cinque Terre, Sorrento, and Rome. If your Italy fan is far away, or if she or he has more fun making their own Italian meals, an Italian gift basket is an exceedingly thoughtful gift. A basket that is carefully selected to include authentic products made in Italy, or a gift of an aged balsamic vinegar or cheese imported from the region of their favourite Italian city would be respected and popular. Iavarone bros. Came from Brooklyn in 1919 as the 1st’Salciceria’, introducing the finest in old world delicacies. Today, we are one of the biggest and most highly rated specialty food corporations in the New York area. Iavarone bros. We have over 100 home-made starters from which to choose. Has an enormous selection of wonderfully designed and hand made gastronome gift hampers. Let the aromas and tastes of our fine foods fill your house. New Hyde Park Prime Meats IBFOODS Gourmet Food On Long Island Since 1927 Published at:

Chilli Peppers: The Incredible Health Benefits of the Capsicum

Capsicum, chilli or red pepper has been cultivated for thousands of years, and comes in a variety of colours such as red, yellow and green. The Capsicum may also be known as the bell pepper, jalapeno, cayenne, paprika and chilli to name but a few of the many varieties available. This very versatile food, is a very popular way to add that extra kick of flavour and colour to your favourite dishes, but it is also a highly effective food to help you lose weight. Until recently, it has not been possible to take the capsicum in a supplement form, but now for the very first time, the technology is available for us to take the capsicum in a high dose supplement form, to bring about incredible weight loss! Rich in vitamins and unique compounds, the capsicum is a highly effective weight loss food, and also benefits our health in many other ways. Weight Loss The capsicum speeds up your metabolism, burns fat and also suppresses your appetite. This is really one powerful weight loss food! During a recent study, it was proven that the spice of the pepper increases thermogenesis which helps us to oxidise or burn fat we have eaten in a meal. Other research concluded that if 6 to 10gms of red pepper was added to a meal, it would help to suppress the appetite. Additional studies showed that when a small 3gm of red chilli sauce and mustard sauce was added to food, the metabolic rate increased up to 25%. With results like this, it was only going to be a period of time, before products were in place for us to be able to take Capsicum in a supplement form, which would not aggravate the digestive system. This has been achieved in the last year, with the launch of several highly effective and highly potent chilli weight loss products. In fact, the bestselling chilli weight loss supplement, sold out in 3 days flat when it was launched last summer and has been a bestseller for the Pharmaceutical company who developed it ever since! Aside from the weight loss benefits of capsicum, there are also many other health benefits we can gain from the humble chilli. Digestion The capsicum supports the production of gastric juices, which are vital for a healthy and fully functioning metabolism. It also leads to the secretion of digestive juices and prevents indigestion. Circulation The capsicum is also known to regulate blood pressure, and lower cholesterol and triglyceride (the chemical form in which most fat exists in food as well as in the body) levels. Cold and Flu Protection The chilli is packed with vitamins such Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which have a high concentration of carotenoids, antioxidants and flavonoids, including beta-carotene. The heat of the pepper also opens and drains congested nasal passages, which is why if we have a cold people often suggest a hot curry or another spicy dish. Pain Reduction Interestingly, the chilli is also known to be helpful in treating pain-related diseases. The Capsaicin in the capsicum, which is the component that gives the chilli its heat, blocks the transmission of pain from the skin to the spinal cord and prevents the sensation of pain. It will be interesting to see if this finding is research and developed further for future analgesic products, such has been the case for the weight loss arena. Hair Chilli extract is effective at boosting hair growth. It also prevents hair loss and helps you maintain thicker and fuller hair. Eyes and Skin Eating or taking the capsicum in a supplement form, can also help to keep the skin clear, and prevents rashes, spots and pimples. It contains vitamin A, which is good for eyes and helps prevent eye diseases. Anti-carcinogenic The Capsaicin, the compounds that gives chilli its heat, also prevents carcinogens from binding with DNA and may provide some protection from cancer. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the chilli can do for us, and there really is no end to the talent of the humble little chilli! Published at:

Garlic – Chilli Pepper – Ginger

Garlic Scientific name:Allium sativum Linn. Family: ALLIACEAE Vernacular name: Kra –thiam Garlic has long been recognized all over the world as a valuable condiment or foods, and a popular remedy medicine for various ailments and physiological disorders. It is hardy bulbous perennial with narrow flat leaves, and bears small white umbel of edible flowers and bulbils. Kra thiam clustered made up of several bulblets called cloves enclosed in a papery white or pinkish sheath. Garilec is used practically all over the world for flavouring various dishes. Garlic is used practically all over the world for flavouring various dishes. Fresh garlic is used in several food preparation in Thailand. Fried Garlic in oil is the most popular for seasoning in Thai dishes. Raw garlic can be used in the manufacture of garlic powder packed into capsules. Garlic purifies the blood, helps control acne, and reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and clotting. Garlic clears catarrh, thus providing treatment for colds, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, and whooping cough. The dried, mature bulbs are popular condiment in Thai cuisine. Garlic is used in numerous Thai dishes where is serves as a flavouring as well as preservative. Thinly-sliced garlic, fried to a crisp golden brown colour, is used to garnish savoury Thai dishes. Chilli Pepper Scientific name:Capsicum annum L. Family:SOLANACEAI Vernacular name:Prik Chillies grow in all parts of the tropics, usually grows to 30 cm-1 m (1-3 ft) high. There are many varieties of Chillies, varying in shape, colour, size and pungency of fruits Generally, the large, round, fleshy varieties are milder than the small, thinskinned, pointed types. They are used ripe, when they may be red, orange, yellow or purple, and unripe, when they are green. Ripe chillies are available dried, crushed, fladed and ground. Dry chillies is extensively used as a spice in all types of curry dishes. Fresh chillies are rich in vitamin C, they help in the digestion of starchy foods and may be taken as a tonic. In large does, chillies may cause stomach and intestinal burns. Ginger Scientific name:Zingiber officinale Rosc. Family:ZINGIBERRACEAE Vernacular name:Khing One of the oldest and most important spices is now widely grown. The fresh rhizome is knobbly, off-white of buff-coloured and often branched. The pale yellow flesh should not be too fibrous. The ginger plant grows up to 1 m on partly shaped sloped. It has narrow pointed leaves and small yellow, purple-lipped flowers. The hard, knobbly rhizome is about 2 cm in diameter. Rhizomes are used fresh or preserved. Ginger’s flavour is hot and slightly biting. In cooking ginger is mostly used fresh. It is an essential ingredient of curry powder and other spice lends, and is found in gingerbread, biscuits, cakes, puddings, pickles and many Asian vegetable dishes. It is widely used in medicine as a digestive aid. Ginger tea made by infusing dried or fresh rhizome in boiling water for five minutes. It is a warming drink and thought to improve the circulation. An erect plant with thickened, fleshy and very aromatic rhizome. The stem is 0.4 to 1 metre high with long and narrow leaves arranged alternately in two ranks along the stem. The inflorescence is cone-shaped, borne on a long stalk which emerges from the underground stem. Individual flowers are greenish-yellow with a small dark purple tip. The rhizomes differ in shape and size in the different cultivars. Published at:

Benefits of Chilli Powder

Chilli powder contains different varieties of chilli peppers that are mostly mixed with garlic, cumin, salt and oregano. It is an indispensable part of various cuisines of the world and mainly the Indian dishes. Without chilli powder no food is complete in India and this spice adds life to their food. Spices were earlier not only used for seasoning purpose but also for preserving the food due to very smart reason that refrigeration was not prevalent at that time. Apart from food preservation, chillies also possess various medicinal values and have made a great place for them in herbal products. Chillies are medically proved for using because these are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C and amazingly they have vitamin C content seven times more than that in orange. Also, they are treasures of minerals like manganese, molybdenum, potassium, copper and thiamine. Chillies have capsaicin that is an alkaloid substance that makes chilli hot in taste. Below are some outstanding benefits of chillies: • Chillies are the best detoxicants as they remove all the waste materials from our body and help the tissues to get energy and refreshment. • It detoxifies the gases in our stomach and thus helps in digestion of the food. • Chillies help a lot in getting the pains relieved. It is due to the fact that they release endorphins which are nothing else but natural pain killers. • They help the white blood cells and the leukocytes to fight against the germs and the viruses. They actually help the fresh blood to reach to the infected part of the body and the fresh blood has greater number of antibodies that fight against the infections. • Red peppers have in them Cartonoid Lycopene that helps to prevent cancer in the body. • People who think are fat can think of consuming chillies because chillies tend to lower the cholesterol levels in our body. • Chillies increase metabolism within the body and as a result, we get a relief from nasal congestion. It also makes our lungs to function properly in an efficient manner. • People who smoke cigarettes, smoking reduces vitamin A levels in their body. Vitamin A of chillies prevent the lungs from inflammation and also, they reduce emphysema caused because of cigarette smoking. • Chillies boost our immune system. • They best stimulate the production of saliva in our body. • Chillies increase blood circulation and reduce the occurring of fevers in our body. • Chillies also help in rectifying various skin allergies and problems. These were some of the benefits of chillies that almost all people from all over the world take advantage of. These are though smaller in their size, but create a long lasting impact on people’s health. They bring about desirable changes in us that are most profitable for our health. Every food should be seasoned with chillies because chillies are full of flavours and the best part is that they are “hot”. So, enjoy chillies and their sizzling taste. Published at: