30 People Chili Recipe

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Do you need a great party recipe for a lot pf people?

Almost everybody loves chili! This recipe makes enough chili to feed about thirty people for about forty dollars. Add a few complimentary sides, and you can feed up to one hundred people for under a hundred dollars. That is very hard to beat. This recipe is especially great for game night, tailgate party or a warm get together on a cold autumn day.

Call up the gang and have a great day!
Cook Time
Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 45 min
Ready in: 1 hour 5 min
Yields: Serves 30 people 1 cup
Sazon Goya Con Culantro y Achiote 1.41oz (Pack of 3)
Sazon Goya Con Culantro y Achiote 1.41oz (Pack of 3)
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3 Lbs Lean Ground Beef
3 Lbs Hot Italian Saausage, Remove Casing
3 Each Large Green and Red Bell Peppers, Medium Diced
3 Large Spanish Onions, Medium Diced
4 Cans Diced tomatoes with jalepeno (or green chilis)
6 (16 Oz) Cans Chili Beans (or Red Kidney Beans), Drained and Rinsed
2 (16 oz) Cans Tomato Sauce
1 Can Tomato Paste
1 Packet Taco Seasoning
2 Packets Sazon Goya (with Achiote)
1 Tbsp Adobo with Cumin

Some Other Thoughts About Chili

Chili Cook-off Basics
Quick and Easy Chili Recipe – Recipe for basic Chili with Ground Beef
This easy chili recipe is made with ground beef, tomatoes, and beans. Add your own favorite ingredients to personalize this recipe.
Kitchen Riffs: Chili Basics
Cooks.com – Recipes – Basic Chili

Naga Viper Chili The Worlds Hottest Chilli Vs ChilliDave
How to Put It Together

Prepare all the vegetables ahead of time. Raw vegetables should be medium diced. Cans should be opened and ready. Beans should be drained and rinsed thoroughly.
Remove casings from sausage. Place sausage and ground beef in a large mixing bowl and knead together until blended.
Coat a very large skillet with cooking spray. Break meat mixture into skillet and place over medium heat. Cook until browned, stirring continuously so that the meat will be broken down. This should take approximately 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let rest while you complete the next step.
Coat a large chili pot or dutch oven with cooking spray. Place on high heat. Add raw vegetables (onions, peppers). When vegetables start to sizzle, reduce heat to medium. Allow vegetables to wilt, stirring occasionally so that they don’t burn or stick to the bottom. Add all of the ingredients to the pot starting with the meat, then the beans, then the tomato sauce, tomatoes with chilis and tomato paste. Stir each time you add an ingredient to make it easier for all of the ingredients to be blended. Add the spices last and blend thoroughly.
When the chili starts to boil again, reduce the heat to medium low and gently simmer until it is reduced to the consistency that you prefer. The mixture is heavy, so be sure to stir it often so that it doesn’t burn on the bottom.
Taste chili to make sure the heat is at the level that you like. If necessary, adjust the amount of spice. This chili is a medium recipe. If it is too hot for you, serve with cheese or sour cream, or add some sugar to the pot. If you want it hotter, add more spice, chillies or hot sauce.
Remove from heat and serve.

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A Plateful Of Joy – Chili Con Carne
Some Additional Notes.

Here are a few other things you should know about this recipe:

This recipe is made for thirty people, but with some careful planning you can get it up to one hundred. To do this, use your sides. If you can cook about three boxes of macaroni or six pounds of rice and add it to the chili to double it in bulk. or serve pasta or rice on the side along with a huge salad, some melted cheese, baked potatoes, grated cheese and nachos. This way you can increase your servings, and your guests can have chili, chili mac, chili rice, chili topped baked potatoes or nachos. The things you can do with this recipe are only limited by your imagination.

This recipe is freezable. If you have a large freezer, you can divide this recipe into as many containers as you like and have it later. You can save a lot of time that way.

If you prefer, you can make this recipe in an oven or slow cooker. You will need to brown the meat and wilt the vegetables first. Then, at the point where you are mixing everything, put it in a slow cooker and put on high for a couple of hours. Or, at this same point, you can put it in a large roasting pan and put in a 325 degree oven for about 45 minutes.

Have A Party With Fresh Spring Rolls or Popiah

Delicious Popiah For Any Occasion

There is a very popular dish called “Fresh Spring Rolls” or “popiah” in Southeast Asia especially in Malaysia and Singapore where you can have a party in your home or in any other setting where good food is served.

A fresh spring roll or popiah is a soft, thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour and filled with finely grated and steamed yam bean, (known locally as sengkuang), bean sprouts, thinly sliced fried tofu, lettuce leaves, shredded fried eggs, and fried shallots. You can add other ingredients such as grated French beans, carrots, slices of Chinese sausage or minced pork or chicken meat, shrimp, crab meat, chopped peanuts or seaweed.
Popiah Deep-fried Makes A Crunchy Snack
Deep-fried popiah is a crunchy and delicious snack. Chili sauce and garnish with tomato-cucumber and lettuce.
Deep-fried popiah is a crunchy and delicious snack. Chili sauce and garnish with tomato-cucumber and lettuce. | Source
Fried Popiah From Leftovers

As a fresh spring roll, the popiah itself is not fried and is eaten with a sweet bean sauce and optionally with hot chilli sauce before it is filled with the ingredients.

Just lay out the popiah wrappers or “skins” and the ingredients on the table and the guests make their own fresh spring rolls or popiah with proportions of ingredients to their own personal liking. It’s lots of fun and guests usually compare their creations among themselves.

However, any leftovers of fresh popiah can be deep fried in oil and can be eaten as a crunchy snack.
Fried Spring Rolls or Fried Popiah
They are deep fried in vegetable oil to give a crunchy taste..
They are deep fried in vegetable oil to give a crunchy taste..
The Heart and Soul of Spring Rolls Or Popiah
The yam bean or sengkuang is a legume with tubers that are turnip-shaped with white flesh and light brown skin.
The yam bean or sengkuang is a legume with tubers that are turnip-shaped with white flesh and light brown skin.
Yam Bean Is The Main Ingredient In Making Spring Rolls

The yam bean is the main ingredient in making spring rolls or popiah. Without it, you don’t have popiah.

Yam bean (Pachyrrhizus erosus L.) is known locally as the turnip but it’s not related to it. The yam bean or local name sengkuang is a legume with tubers that are turnip-shaped with white flesh and light brown skin.
Yam Bean (Pachyrrhizus erosus L.)
Yam bean (Pachyrrhizus erosus L.)
Yam bean (Pachyrrhizus erosus L.) | Source
Yam Bean Is Indigenous To Mexico – They called it Jicama

Pachyrhizus erosus is indigenous to Mexico. The Spaniards were the first to spread yam bean to the Philippines. From there, it went to China and other parts of Southeast Asia, where popular uses of the fresh yam bean include popiah and lumpia in the Philippines. Fresh yam beam is also used in other dishes like rojak and yusheng.
Jicama Has Many Other Names

In Mexico, Pachyrhizus erosus is commonly known as jicama, Mexican yam, or Mexican turnip.

However, in Southeast Asia, it is commonly known by its Chinese name bang kuang; in Mandarin Chinese, as dòushǔ, liáng shǔ or sa got; in Malay as ubi sengkuang; in Indonesia as bengkuang; in Myanmar as Sane-saar-u; in Thailand as man kaeo; in Philippines as singkamas; in Vietnam as cây củ đậu (in northern Vietnam) or củ sắn or sắn nước (in southern Vietnam); in Laos as man pao; and in Japanese as kuzu-imo.

In the Indian continent, it is known as shankhalu in Bengali; mishrikand in Hindi; kandha in Telugu; and kesaur in Bihar.
Jicama or Yam Bean
Pachyrhizus erosus, common name Jicama, a root vegetable in the Fabaceae. Photographed at a farmer’s market in San Francisco
Pachyrhizus erosus, common name Jicama, a root vegetable in the Fabaceae. Photographed at a farmer’s market in San Francisco | Source
Yam Bean Is Sweet and Juicy

Yam bean is high in carbohydrates in the form of dietary fiber. It is composed of 86–90% water; it contains only trace amounts of protein and lipids. Its sweet flavor comes from the oligofructose inulin (also called fructo-oligosaccharide) which is a prebiotic. Yam bean is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of potassium and Vitamin C.

We Love Chili Part Two-What to Do With Leftover Chili

OK. You’ve researched and experimented, and now you have at least one chili recipe that you love. You invite friends to chili night dinner parties often. Sometimes you sponsor a chili bar and set out several chili pots with different heat levels. You also set out all the chili sides and toppings: rice, cheese, extra peppers and onions, and some wonderful crusty bread, anything you can think of to go with your wonderful meal. Or perhaps you just made a pot of your favorite chili to warm yourself on a cool autumn night.

If you’re anything like me, that pot of chili was huge. You probably have enough left over for at least one meal, if not two or three. So what do you do with the leftovers?

Luckily, chili will freeze very well, so you really only have to pack it away in some freezable storage containers and put it away for a rainy day when the chili urge hits you again. But does that have to be the end of it?

Of course not. Chili is a very adaptable dish. Here are a few suggestions of other wonderful ways that you can make that chili pot stretch into several days of chili bliss:

Make chili lasagna! Use your favorite lasagna recipe. Make it according to the recipe’s directions, but use your chili in place of the sauce and/or the meat. You can switch your mozzarella for Mexican blend or Velveeta, or leave it the way it is. You can also try garnishing the top of your lasagna with some chopped fresh cilantro or a light dusting of chili spice. Experiment with it until you find the taste you love.

Make a southwestern casserole. Drain a little of the liquid from your chili, then add corn, diced tomatoes, chopped onions and hot chili peppers. Toss in some grated cheese and blend gently. Then top with biscuits and bake until the biscuits are brown and the cheese is bubbly. Rest about one half hour, or until the cheese is set to you satisfaction. Serve with a nice green salad.

Make a chili pie. Use a store bought pie shell, or make your own. It doesn’t matter. Place your pie shell in a round pie pan. Add a tablespoon of tomato paste to the chili, or add a spoon full of cornstarch so the soup will thicken. You can also add some extra meat or cheese if you want. Then put the other half of the pie shell on top and pinch it down. Bake like you would a meat pie and remove from the oven when the shell is brown and crispy.

Make a chili salad. Create a bed of salad greens. Add some tomato, onion, cucumber and fresh peppers, whatever you like in a salad. Then pour a cup of chili on top. Add cheese or salsa. You can also add some tortilla chips or strips.

Make a burrito. This is so easy. Put about two tablespoons of chili in the center of a tortilla. Add cheese if you want it. Then tuck the ends in and fold over. Then just bake or fry.

Make refried beans and use in dips or tacos. Put a little oil in a frying pan. Mash the chili with a potato masher or put it in a blender. After the chili is mashed, heat it through. Then serve in a taco shell, or add it to sour cream or salsa for an interesting dip.

Make chili tartlets. This is a great appetizer. Make tartlet shells by pressing filo dough or puff pastry sheets into a pan for small muffins. Spray the shells lightly with cooking spray or baste lightly with olive oil. Bake shells until golden. Remove from oven. Put a square of Velveeta or other cheese in the middle of the shell, then top with a quarter cup of heated chili. Yum!

Make chili Pizza. This should be fairly self-explanatory, but in case it’s not, all you need to do is to get a pizza shell, top it with chili and lots of mozzarella cheese. Add any of your favorite pizza toppings and bake the pie to desired doneness.

Stuff tomatoes or peppers with a mixture of chili and rice. Bake until bubbly, or cook on top of the grill. Top with bread crumbs before baking if you want a crusty top, or add croutons when you take them out of the oven.

Make a sweet chili dessert. Add cinnamon, a teaspoon of sugar, pineapple pieces and raisins to a cup full of chili for an unbelievable sweet treat.

For snack time, make a chili filled bread roll. Take one loaf of thawed bread dough and press it flat on a cutting board. Spread chili and some chopped sweet onion in the center. Leave about an inch all the way around. Roll the bread dough and pinch the ends so that the chili does not bleed out. Then raise and bake according to the package directions. Again, you can add any complimentary chili items you like to the chili in the center, such as some chopped fresh cilantro or a layer of roast beef or sliced chorizo. When the loaf is done, allow it to rest for an hour before serving.

Make chili stuffed potato skins. Take some left-over baked potatoes. Cut in half and hollow out the skins. Add chili and cheese to the skins spray lightly with cooking spray, and bake until the tops are browned. Allow to cool about fifteen minutes. Then add a dollop of sour cream and some chopped green onion.

Make a vegetable soup. Add any kind of frozen mixed vegetable to the chili and heat through. My personal favorites are diced potatoes or some broccoli Normandy. Such an easy way to make such a healthy soup!

Hummus Suppliers

Delicious deli products from the finest Hummus Suppliers

Dip into a delicious pot of Hummus. Enjoy the savoury delights of original flavours or opt for something flavoursome with a hint of roast pepper. The vegetarian delight known as hummus comes in many great tasting options and if you haven’t tried a delicious dip from Hummus Suppliers before, you really don’t know what you are missing. Catering companies know how popular this product is. They should do, their customers can’t seem to get enough of the stuff and the services of Hummus Suppliers are in constant demand. Who can blame them when pots of the most amazing taste sensation can be enjoyed direct from Hummus Suppliers and a Falafel Supplier?

It’s down the ingredients

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Fine food

What makes a catering business successful? The quality of the food they sell will have a massive say in the success of a company. Serve great tasting food at reasonable prices and customers will come back for more. Mediterranean foods like hummus have become popular features on modern menus and Hummus Suppliers or a Falafel Supplier deliver to various catering businesses. You can’t beat the taste of a Mediterranean dip made by Hummus Suppliers. Serve hummus by itself, enjoy it with your favourite dipping items, or add a dollop to a host of healthy vegetables to create the ultimate sandwich. The finest Hummus Suppliers create new and exciting recipes to provide the best taste experience for their customers. Looking to add something interesting to your lunchtime menu? How about a scrumptious dip from Hummus Suppliers?

Keeping Your Food Tasty And Safe With A Portable Food Warmer

If you own a catering business you know how important it is to have good, reliable, and portable food warmers. No one likes getting cold food and that problem is solved with a portable food warmer. There are many occasions when you need to take food offsite and some of that food is probably hot food. With a portable food warmer, you can ensure the food stays hot and tasting just as delicious as when it came out of the oven, even if that was a few hours ago.

A portable food warmer not only ensures the food stays hot, it also ensures food safety. We all know the risks of eating undercooked or improperly handled food, and meat in particular. You certainly don’t want to feed people contaminated meat. A portable food warmer will keep the proper temperature of the meat at all times.

There are many different types of food warmers out there, some are portable and some are not. You need to be sure to pick one by a reliable manufacturer. You don’t want to waste money on a mediocre food warmer that doesn’t hold temperatures properly and may break within a few uses. If you own a catering company or business that offers such services, it is a good thing to invest in portable food warmers. If you buy the proper ones they can last many, many years. A product that will hold temperatures and promise food safety for several years to come…now that sounds like a good investment!

Bangkok’s Perverse Nightlife

Patpong Road was made famous by American soldiers on rest and recuperation (R&R) in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. In the time of the Vietnam conflict, many in the army took the short hop from Saigon to Bangkok to enjoy a week or two getting drunk, stoned, massaged, and spoiled by beautiful Thai women.

Patpong is really a small street between Silom and Surawong Roads with wall-to-wall bars and restaurants. At night, the street is vendors catering to tourists charging absurdly high prices in hopes of finding suckers.

There are actually 4 streets in the area catering to the nightlife. There is Patpong I & II, Soi Jaruwan, catering to gay men, and Soi Thaniya, exclusively for Japanese tourists.

Patpong started off as an uncultivated plot of land purchased by Chinese immigrants in 1946. The Patpongpanich (or Patpongpanit) family built some shop-houses and rented out to normal businesses. Bars eventually overtook the other businesses on these two private roads, and the entertainment zone was created.

I was stationed in Bangkok in the early 1970’s and we would go out to Patpong almost nightly. Back then it was bar after bar after bar. There were no vendors blocking the road and, unlike today, it was safe to go to the upstairs bars.

Then, the bars on the ground level were just that – bars. Second floor bars were go-go’s with bikini clad girls. And if a bar had a third floor, it was for the special shows.

Today, vendors set up shop and block the entire road, and most of the walkway, selling everything under the sun (or moon). Touts line the street promoting shows upstairs with guarantees of no cover charge and cheap beer prices. Don’t believe either.

If you visit Patpong, it is best to avoid the upstairs bars altogether. The owners may try to extract large sums of money in order for you to leave alive.

There is one place that I do enjoy visiting on Patpong. The Madrid Lounge is the only bar that has the same name, decor, and menu that it had in 1973. It caters primarily to the embassy and expat crowd and has some great American food. The staff is very friendly and will sit with you if you want or leave you alone if you choose.

The Madrid became a meeting place when I returned to Thailand in the mid 90’s during exercise Cobra Gold. I took my guys there the first night and it became the official hangout from that day forward. They still use it as a rendezvous point and place to meet.

Personally, I have tired of Patpong but it is a must-see for the first time visitor. I have not only tired of Patpong, but of Bangkok as well. I only stay in Bangkok if I have to spend the night to catch a flight the next day; otherwise I go direct to my location regardless of time. If I am going to Pattaya, I leave direct from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and never set foot in Bangkok city. When I am going northeast to Khon Kaen, I have to spend the night to catch a connecting flight the next day. I usually just go out to a few local beer bars in walking distance of my hotel.

Patpong is an unique little street and should be on every first-timer’s visit list. Don’t buy anything from the vendors in the street. Prices are much cheaper anywhere else in Thailand. Have a few drinks, check out activities, and avoid the second floor bars.

How a Wedding Catering Company Can Add Charm to the Party

Adult Popsicles

What could be more refreshing on a hot wedding day than a chilly ice pop of the gourmet variety? Have them made in flavors like chocolate mint, or lavender and orange. A wedding catering company can make cocktail flavors to add instant charm and fun to the reception.

Customized Dips

Casual weddings can have dip customization stations. One popular idea is guacamole garnished with extras like diced cucumber, lime, cilantro and more.

Have a Catered Festival Fare

Who doesn’t love fair food? It’s cute and charming to have funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn and more for a carnival feel. They can be served on classic carts.

Caffeine Fix Anyone?

Guests love having coffee themed desserts like espresso brownies or coffee dessert drinks like Frappuccino. Be sure to include some decaf choices for those that are avoiding caffeine, then no one feels left out.

Homer Simpson Will Love This Wedding Treat

Skip the traditional cake and cut through cookies, muffins or donuts. It’s still possible to have a cake cutting ceremony. This just makes the reception more exciting and original.

Comfort Foods Take the Lead

What’s a favorite comfort food for the bride and groom? Perhaps they shared French fries on their first date, or maybe they love mac and cheese. Bringing these childhood favorites back for the wedding reception can be a big hit! What about milk and cookies? Maybe a slushy bar? Make it fancier by serving it with monogrammed napkins.

Hands On Hors D’oeuvres

Guests love foods that are “involved.” Great ideas are ice cream sundaes, a raw bar, sushi, or a hibachi. Anything that is interactive and adds an element of fun is well appreciated.

Another great idea that’s gaining steam when it comes to wedding catering that’s charming is cheese wheel cake. It doesn’t replace traditional cake, but is perfect for before the wedding reception begins with wine for socializing. It’s layered with different flavors and guests will be very impressed.

Soup Shooters

These shooters are made up of a variety of favorite soups, and are perfect for fall and winter weddings. They are served at the same hour as hors d’oeuvres and can even be cold versions for a summer wedding. Favorites are tomato soup and gazpacho; or after the childhood theme maybe cream of chicken. Of course they must be pureed soups.

Customizable Desserts

Having an outdoor wedding? Why not allow guests to make s’mores at a set up station near a fire pit. Again, the ice cream sundaes are a great idea with toppings like hot fudge, nuts and of course maraschino cherries. The ice cream can be at a station or waiters can visit tables and make them for each guest.

A Bit of Bubbly

Guests will love when the couple adds a soda bar with a variety of flavored syrups so they can make their own fizzy drinks! Why not try vanilla-coffee-flavored soft drink.

Take Home Cake Boxes

Ever wish it was possible to have more wedding cake later? Providing a take home treat box for the wedding cake delights guests. Either they can have it for themselves later on at home or as a hotel room snack, or share it with family members who couldn’t make it. Either way, they’ll love the idea and it’s definitely quaint and certainly a charming addition.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9545095

Three Top Catering Options for a Wedding

Three of the most popular catering choices for a wedding include the finger buffet, the hot buffet and the sit down meal. Consider the type of reception you are having in trying to decide what type of meal would be best to serve your guests.

A finger buffet is a no-fuss catering option that works very well for many different venues. When selecting finger foods, offer more than one menu choice if you are able to. The place where you are holding the reception may offer you three or four menu choices, but if you are catering for a large group, such as 100 or more, you may wish to provide your guests with more options.

If you are offered a choice of what menu you would like, mixing and matching foods is always a good idea. You can peruse the menu that is provided to you and from there, select the finger food that would be most appetizing for your guests. This will provide everyone in attendance with a larger selection of foods from which to enjoy.

A venue that does not allow you to have a say in the choices for the finger buffet may not be the optimum choice for your reception. It is your wedding and you are paying for it so you want to be able to make the decisions related to it.

A hot buffet is another catering option for a wedding that is popular but will cost you more than the finger buffet. This choice would be a good daytime catering choice as well as an evening one. It would suit any couple on their wedding day because it offers something for everyone.

You can include on the hot buffet anything that suits your fancy and is within your price range. Sweet and sour chicken, lasagna, shepherd’s pie or chilli make excellent choices for the main dishes.

The hot buffet would not be complete without an assortment of side dishes. These dishes compliment whatever main dish is the centerpiece for the meal. Some options for side dishes include rice, potatoes, French fries and vegetables (such as pea, carrots and corn). You may also wish to have rolls, biscuits or garlic bread.

In the case of a hot buffet, the guests can get up from their tables and serve themselves. Service time is relatively fast when people have the option of picking out their own food.

The sit down meal is a popular option for wedding catering but not as popular as it was a decade ago. This is a traditional means of serving a meal at a wedding but the potential for errors is great (slow service, cold food) and it can be rather dull.

If you have your heart set on a sit down meal, allow guests to choose their own seats and do not go crazy with the choices for foods. One or two choices are best, except for those who have dietary restrictions to think about.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7347324

Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka

Asoka is definitely one of the most unique restaurants I’ve been to. Located in the upper part of Kloof Street, this Eastern-themed sensation combines taste and sound to create a dining experience like no other.
Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka

Built around one of Cape Town’s oldest olive trees, the restaurant is embellished with candles, Buddhas and romantic lighting, creating a charming ‘dining outside’ feeling when seated in their beautiful courtyard area, while incorporating intoxicating house music (played by their resident DJ) creating an atmosphere that oozes style and sophistication. Judging by the amount of people and absolutely no empty tables, this is definitely a very trendy place to be.

Our lovely waitress, Eunice, explained that the menu is served tapas-style and suggested that we order between three to four ‘meals’ per person (preferably one from each ‘element’) and then share with each other.

Water: seafood

Seared Norwegian salmon

One of my favourite dishes of the night was the seared Norwegian salmon, miso-yaki roasted aubergine, chickpeas, pickled ginger, ponzu mayo. The salmon was cooked to perfection – a little bit pink on the inside, just the way I like it. Served on a beautifully-presented plate, the three portions were divided among the various accompaniments – the most noticeable being the aubergine and the chickpeas which are certainly not the usual suspects that you expect to see on a salmon dish, but were a surprisingly delicious treat.

Grilled calamari, lime crème fraiche and harissa sauce

The grilled calamari was one of my guest’s favourite dishes, and it was a close one for me too. I’ve always been a fan of a good harissa sauce (a Maghrebi hot chilli pepper paste, containing a mix of chilli, peppers, herbs and garlic), and the combination of the sauce and tender calamari was sublime. The freshness of the lime crème fraiche complimented the dish and elevated the mild flavour of the obviously fresh calamari.

Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka
click to enlarge
Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka
click to enlarge

Earth: vegetarian

Baked jalapeño rellenos, goats chèvre, mozzarella, spiced tomato, sour cream and guacamole

The baked jalapeño rellenos are not for the faint hearted! Much like the well-known chilli popper – the chillies are stuffed with cheese (in this case goat’s cheese rather than cream cheese), but these rellenos are not battered and deep-fried, they are unbattered and baked, which for me brought out the sweeter and tangier taste of the chilli. Although they were very spicy, I managed to eat two of them (with tonnes of sour cream and guacamole of course), which proves how good they are!

Truffle polenta chips, tomato and cumin sauce

The truffle polenta chips were the least-enjoyed of the night. The dish sounds great in theory (truffle=delicious anything), but for us, the polenta gave the chips a strange texture and slightly doughy taste (which is expected of polenta), but we were admittedly looking for more of the truffle flavour. The tomato/cumin sauce was yummy though.

Tempura onion rings

Onion rings are an old favourite, and if you can do them right then we are on a good footing. Asoka’s tempura onion rings are a great addition to any meal – we certainly enjoyed ours with all of the other dishes we ordered – and they were especially tasty when dipped into the tomato/cumin sauce from the chips! The tempura coating was crispy and light, giving you that oh-so-satisfying ‘crunch’ when you bite into it, while the onions were sweet and still slightly crunchy – perfection!

Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka

Fire: meat

Truffled teriyaki beef fillet

The all-time favourite meal of the night for both my guest and I was the truffled teriyaki beef fillet with roast garlic aioli (a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil). All the flavours just worked and every single bite provided an explosion of deliciousness. For me, it was the teriyaki sauce (a Japanese mixture of soy sauce, sake, ginger, and other flavourings) combined with the amazingly cooked and super tender beef fillet flavour that made the dish something special – something to have again, and again and again.

Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka

Nirvana: dessert

Salted caramel cheese cake, ginger ice cream

The cheesecake is the same as the one they serve at sister restaurant Kloof Street House, with the exception of the ice cream, which is ginger flavoured at Asoka. This is still my favourite dessert and one that I would order over and over. The ice cream is extremely delicious (for someone like me that loves ginger, at least) and it completely wakes your taste buds up without being overly gingery. It’s a great combination with the cheesecake, albeit a slightly strange one.

Dark chocolate fondant, strawberry meringue, toasted coconut crumbs, caramel miso ice cream

The fondant was decadent, fudgy and ultra rich. The centre didn’t ooze the way I was hoping it would, but that didn’t affect the flavour or my enjoyment of the dish. The accompaniments offer a sensory explosion much like the cheesecake dish – the classic chocolate-strawberry combination with the added flavour of coconut and caramel enhancing an age-old classic in a new, ultra-chic and stunningly-plated way.

Twin Alantic: Rock Wolf in Pop Clothing

I’ve finally hit that age where all music sounds the same to me. Or maybe it really does. Recently a friend, who is a legend in the music review business, and I discussed the fact that ‘they don’t make music like they used to anymore.’ Well Twin Atlantic changed my view on that on Tuesday, 13 September at the private listening party for their new album, GLA, held at the Red Bull Studios in Bree Street, Cape Town.
Photograph by Jonathan Ferreira / Red Bull Content Pool
Photograph by Jonathan Ferreira / Red Bull Content Pool

Now some of you might remember Twin Atlantic from Oppikoppi 2015 – or their show at Shimmy Beach Club for One Night in Cape Town. I didn’t attend either. I mean, I couldn’t imagine anything brilliant coming from Scotland after running 500 miles after the Proclaimers or asking Simple Minds not to forget about me. Boy was I wrong.

Photograph by Jonathan Ferreira / Red Bull Content Pool

The cooler, Scottish version of One Direction have evolved into more than an underdog. The album opens with a track that would not have been out of place on a Garbage album from the early naughties. In ‘No Sleep’, the first single, you can see why they were a clear choice to open for Biffy Clyro and Blink 182, as this particular track could have easily been a Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Blink collaboration (probably produced by Dave Grohl). This is not at all a bad thing. There’s a sexiness in the throwback to real Rock in the late 90s/early 2000s that took me back to when I used to headbang around my bedroom in high school.

Lyrically, the middle of the album is also strong and relatable, and NME was on point when they said “It’s the age of the Trojan rock band.” Twin Atlantic definitely is the rock-wolf in pop-clothing. Their sound is to be drawn from bands like Two Door Cinema Club (which might just be because of their recording with Jacknife Lee who worked with said band), and even some Steve Stevens-esque guitar riffs mixed with what sounds like our very own Arno Carstens at times. It’s obvious that, after their last offering, the band reevaluated their sound and drew from all over the spectrum to create their unique sound without alienating their audience. Talk about a music promoter’s dream!

Stand out tracks are of course ‘No Sleep’, ‘Whispers’, ‘A Scar To Hide’ and the closer, ‘Mothertongue’.